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ANSES’s services

ANSES's laboratories and the French Agency for Veterinary Medicinal Products offer a number of different services, mainly through their roles as national (NRL) or European Union (EURL) reference laboratories.

These diverse services may, for example, concern the detection, quantification or identification of harmful organisms (pathogens, crop pests or vectors) in the areas of animal health, plant health or food microbiology, to help with the investigation of foodborne illness outbreaks, etc. Other services include the analysis of chemical contaminants in food, autopsies of horses, various animal health services (such as the provision of animal housing for research projects), the supply of reference materials, and the organisation of inter-laboratory proficiency tests and training courses. In the area of veterinary medicinal products, these services may involve inspection or certification for official batch release of veterinary medicinal products.

Who are these services for?

These services are primarily intended for testing laboratories approved by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food. ANSES's NRLs usually carry out second-line analyses, to confirm positive analyses performed by approved laboratories or to refine analytical results (for example, the characterisation of an isolated pathogen or the speciation of heavy metals).

Other services are provided for the Departmental Directorates for the Protection of Populations, as part of the surveillance and control plans organised by the Directorate General for Food.

Some services, such as the verification of diagnostic reagents or the release of vaccines and veterinary medicinal products, are intended for companies. Individuals may also request certain services, such as the titration of rabies antibodies for the international transport of domestic carnivores.

How do we get in touch?

To request a service, please contact the relevant laboratory or the ANMV directly, depending on the service. The entities concerned are mentioned in the Catalogue of services.