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ANSES in action: 2022 Annual Report

ANSES is publishing the annual reports for 2022.

The general report offers an insider’s view of our missions and explains how we work to provide scientific guidance to protect our health and that of animals and plants. 

Three specific reports describe our activities in the areas of plant protection products, biocidal products and biotechnology.

Benoit ValletMessage from Benoit Vallet, Director General of ANSES

This ANSES activity report is an account of all our recent output in support of the global "One Health" approach pioneered by us in France, particularly as regards antibiotic resistance and animal pathogens transmissible to humans. Much of our work also reflects the health impact of human activities as well as the upheavals they can cause. This report also describes our activities and commitments in terms of scientific excellence, independence and dialogue. In addition to the key facts and figures found within, the report as a whole is a clear illustration of our most up-to-date methods, as well as our most recent results and challenges, and is testimony to the strong commitment of our teams and communities of experts.

Anses in actionAt the heart of Anses
Charlotte Dunoyer, Directrice scientifique transversale santé animale

Animal health is also our health.

Charlotte Dunoyer, Scientific Director of the Animal Health and Welfare theme

Émilie Gay, Directrice scientifique de l’axe Épidémiologie et surveillance

We investigate unusual disease peaks, anything out of the ordinary.

Émilie Gay, Scientific Director of the Epidemiology and Surveillance theme

Charlotte Grastilleur,  Directrice générale déléguée chargée du pôle « Produits réglementés »

Our actions are in line with the overall strategy of rational and minimal use of chemicals.

Charlotte Grastilleur,Managing Director General of the Regulated Products Division

Brice Laurent, Directeur Sciences sociales, économie et société

Strengthening the Agency’s expert appraisals through dialogue.

Brice Laurent, Director of the Social Sciences, Economics & Society Department

Snapshots at the heart of ANSES

Rapport d'activité 2022 reportage photos 01

At ANSES’s Maisons-Alfort site, the Expert Committee on “Assessment of the risks related to air environments” is holding its May meeting to work on air pollution. The group’s Chair leads the debates. At ANSES, around 80 such groups bring together French and foreign scientific experts from research organisations and universities, whose skills are considered benchmarks in a variety of disciplines. Each group meets regularly, for one or two consecutive days, to conduct a critical analysis of the various data and then draw up collective expert appraisal conclusions on the health risks they have been convened to examine, in support of ANSES’s opinions.

Rapport d'activité 2022 reportage photos 02

Cindy, a virologist, is analysing a virus titration. The iCUBE’s biosafety level-3 (BSL-3) laboratories are used to handle highly contagious and/or vector-borne viruses. In line with biosafety rules, special procedures are applied to ensure the handler’s safety against viruses that can be transmitted to humans, such as West Nile virus, or to protect the environment from viruses that infect only animals, such as the one responsible for foot-and-mouth disease. Pathogens are primarily contained by maintaining negative air pressure in the laboratory in relation to the outside atmosphere. Appropriate personal protective clothing and equipment are mandatory, and surfaces, equipment and waste are decontaminated. Clearance is required to work in a BSL-3 facility

Rapport d'activité 2022 reportage photos 03

Laure, an animal health eco-epidemiologist at the Nancy Laboratory for Rabies and Wildlife, collects ticks from natural environments, forests and gardens. These sampling campaigns help determine the tick species present and their distribution. Laboratory research into the pathogens they carry will enable us to better understand their circulation and control the spread of the diseases they transmit.

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